Susan L Woods 29th Lorne Cancer Conference 2017

Susan L Woods

Susan is a young scientist that is passionate about translating basic research discoveries into new treatments for cancer patients and identifying which patients may respond best to new treatments. Her success to date is seen in her three co-first author Nature journal publications in the field of cancer research. Most recently she has won a Young Tall Poppy Science Award (SA) 2016 from the Australian Institute of Policy & Science and a University of Adelaide Women’s Research Excellence award 2015. Susan has recently joined the Gastrointestinal Cancer Biology group headed by physician-scientist Dr Daniel Worthley. This laboratory is physically located within the SAHMRI “flagship” and the group benefits from cross-appointment thru the University of Adelaide. Susan’s current project focuses on colorectal cancer. Susan returned to Australia in 2009 to undertake a post-doctoral project in the Oncogenomics laboratory of Prof. Nick Hayward at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. Here Susan became familiar with large patient sample and associated clinical data sets and techniques to analyse the genetic contribution to cancer. This included state-of-the-art NextGen sequencing technologies, identifying relevant genetic alterations, and testing the functional consequences of such alterations to cancer. Previously, Susan completed 4-years of post-doctoral studies in the lab of Nobel Laureate J.Michael Bishop at the University of California, San Francisco. Her time in the Bishop lab was spread between modelling melanoma using a new mouse model that she generated in the lab and the study of a miRNA that targets the key tumour suppressor p53.

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