Andreas Behren 29th Lorne Cancer Conference 2017

Andreas Behren

A PhD graduate from the Eberhard-Karls University Tuebingen (Germany) and a fellow from the German Research Foundation, Andreas was recruited to the Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research in Melbourne (LICR), Australia in 2008 to work in the field of melanoma immunobiology. He was appointed to his current position as Head of the Tumour Immunology Laboratory (TIL) in May 2018 at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute. As a laboratory head, he continues to lead a research program to decipher the details of tumour-immune engagement and to establish a strong clinical trial and industry-supported research component in his laboratory. His current research focus is to understand the extent of engagement between all parts of the immune system and a tumour. This includes antigen processing and presentation in melanoma, cancer-specific antibodies as biomarkers in cancer patients, and the visualization and classification of immune infiltrates in tumours. His lab is developing methods and tests to understand how the immune-tumour interaction can be qualified, quantified and influenced. More recently, his lab is working on innate immune cells and is trying to understand their role and function in mounting a productive immune response in cancer.

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