Jessica Duarte 29th Lorne Cancer Conference 2017

Jessica Duarte

I obtained my PhD from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2015, where I developed a novel protein microarray platform. This platform was used to assess B cell responses to cancer therapeutics across several cancers, and as a means of potentially identifying novel predictive, prognostic and/or disease progression biomarkers which might shed light on the interplay between the immune system and tumour responses to treatment. I am currently investigating the translational uses of this platform in a clinical setting. This includes the early detection of melanoma onset and recurrence, prediction of immunotherapy benefit and/or toxicity, and understanding the role of B cells in anti-tumour immunity. Achievements Tour de Cure Pioneering Grant, 2020 Cancer Australia Priority-driven Cancer Research Scheme funded by Cure Cancer Australia, 2019 La Trobe University Research Focus Areas Understanding Diseases – Collaboration ready Scheme, 2018 Austin Medical Research Foundation Grant-in-aid of Medical Research, 2018 Tour de Cure Scott Canner Young Researcher Grant, 2018 Harold Mitchell Postdoctoral Travel Fellowship, 2016

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